Fashion and art as disciplines share a unique bond that many designers have explored to varying degree in the past. Art practices we love that are frequently used in fashion include garment painting, art installations at fashion week presentations, photographic images printed on garments and sculpture featured across fashion house. Followers of, and contributors to, traditional and contemporary art practices often possess the beneficial ability to exercise patience when creating or waiting for the perfect art piece. Although exceptions to this statement exist, more often than not in the art world it is art that takes longer to create that is valued hire at auction or in private sales. In comparison, fast fashion has been able to grow and suppress the profits and reach of quality design practices and designers through mammoth size marketing budgets and the swarming of potential consumer screens via cross channel marketing strategies which have allowed majority of consumers to accept mediocre products in return for highly affordable prices and convenience.


“Embrace craftsmanship and creative minds

slow fashion down instead of making the audience numb.”


At Mannase we deliver this message as a mindset to adopt if you wish rather than a direct instruction. When Fashion Meets Art is a series of photographs in which contemporary art objects are combined with various looks from our designers to emphasise how Mannase supports and stands for contemporary fashion. It is our display of respect of skill level, quality over quantity and the honing in of one’s craft. Each designer we invite to join Mannase has strong aesthetics and creativity mixed with designs that can be worn all season and fit varying lifestyles. We combine contempary art with editorials to fundamentally display our support of slow fashion.


Model acts as a still life entity wearing Morgane Press


When Fashion Meets Art was shot by the wonderful Chinese born, Brooklyn resident Hailun Ma, who has already been recognised for her work by i-D magazine and The Cut. We had the pleasure of speaking to her in more depth after the shoot.


How has it been collaborating with Mannase on this project ?

It is always nice to work with brand/retailing website that is genuinely willing to support fashion that is out of the box and invest resources into it. Mannase has great sense of what is fashion today, and understood how powerful the retailing website platform could be. It is a such happy collaboration; we encourage each other to be more creative.






‘May I Draw You’




‘May I’



‘Look At Me’


‘Frozen In A Moment’ Wearing Morgane Press



What is the difference between fashion and fine art photography?

In my opinion, I don’t think there is any distinct line between fashion and fine art photography anymore, and we can see this change in editorials even campaigns. The good fashion photograph is a great photo itself which means the content and concept is more important.



‘White Noise’



‘A Gaze’






‘Distracted Distractions’




What was the best moment of this project?

I think it was the shooting day, with all “crazy” props arriving, Mannase’s team and I really worked so well to build the set. I had my friends come over to be the “群众演员”. Overall, I had a lot of fun shooting this project.




‘The Drawing Board’



‘Everything Is Furniture’






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