At Mannase we understand and appreciate the importance of informing and educating your customers and viewers on the segment of fashion that matters must to us as a shop. In a world where fast fashion has grown in its dominance through scaling increases to brand marketing spends and the introduction and rise of influencer marketing, we aim to use this magazine to support flow fashion.

You can expect engaging interviews with both up and coming designers as well as established brand owners and creative directors where we will be shedding light on how to grow and maintain a long standing brand.

Our weekly guides will serve as our way of informing you about our products you may not have come across yet as well how to best wear our products that are available.

We encourage you to embrace your creativity and continue being individual.

When Fashion Meets Art – Combining Contemporary Art with Fashion Editorials, Coming Soon To Mannase

Check out some of our latest articles here – there’s many more to come.

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