The revolution of Technology has changed our behaviors, from what we use to what we do. In the past, when a brand releases their new Spring Collections in Paris, the only way to be the first to acknowledge is to buy a plane ticket to attend the local runway or wait for the next Vogue to feature it. But now, it takes 10 seconds to do a google search, and it takes 5 seconds to check the brand’s official social account or website. Things are moving faster so is the fashion industry, faster contents, faster collections, faster delivery, faster service, and faster response.  The fashion brand is implementing more technology into their business strategies to generate more effective decisions.


E-commerce was first introduced in 1994 when the first banner advertisements appeared on in October 1994. With the first sale of Sting album” Ten Summoner’s Tales” online, a new industry begins.  later, more brands products enter the online platform and without a doubt, fashion too.



How does the tech infrastructure effects Fashion?

It does in so many ways. The internet act as a global platform that observes all contents and information, everything is more public and easier to access. A regular user could view a journal on New York Fashion Week while listening to the big H&M sales on the radio going to work. He could be using his phone to access the new Vogue magazine that just came out and checking out the new Runway show by Gucci on YouTube at the same time. the internet of Things has combined these individual platforms to the internet that will give a daily user all the information he wants in just a second. It’s pressure and challenge for brands to catch up in the race of providing unique contents, since its so easy to compare.


Now with wearables and mobile into the picture, the competition moves to a brand-new level.



Customers now could buy online, on their phones, on their watches and even on their glasses. The Result? More competition on contents. For a brand or a collection to be sold, more content is involved, more model shooting, more magazine posts, more social media campaigns and even more behavior studies of the new mobile customers. In our perspective, moving to a new 5G era means more high-quality videos are produced and streamed, more pictures could be viewed, and more journal are read each minute. all these contents are channels for a brand to reach its customers, but in the other hand, products are compared in all these channels with all kinds of competitors on the design, quality, and price. Thus, not easy to win.




We at wants to discover the pass to combine technology into Fashion, with all these platforms and channels, on the one hand, designers and brand are confused about where to spend their finances, and customers are confused what will suit them the best. As we mentioned earlier, customers expect a good online experience, both on their laptop and on their phone, with high-quality content and products that are in their interest. As an E-commerce platform, we try to predict and refer products through data analytics and dig into which market or channel a brand will be most interested. We want to introduce a new online experience by implementing technology system which will generate more effective promotion plans for the brand in promotions and more effective referral for products to our customers. Technology will always be the big trend in E-commerce and branding.




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