Mannase will provide independent designers with informative content that is relevant to their working life as designer. Simon Suphandagli, founder of Ejder – an online and retail store based in London sat down with us to discuss online promotional platforms, the beginning of Ejder and the difficulties many fashion buyers face when seeking new brands.

1. What is your opinion on providing platforms for independent brands and designers to showcase their products to buyer’s vs. the traditional showroom procedure?

I love the notion of “providing platforms” as this is a cornerstone of EJDER’s philosophy.

2. Could you expand on that? Where do you see the potential successes and difficulties of this online platform?

I think the idea is great, however from both a practical and personal experience of two other similar concepts I found it difficult to truly work. Now, I’m not going to say why this was but it could be for a number of reasons including, time – something I have very little of and there’s also something about the manufactured environment which I find slightly off putting. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than organically discovering a brand through a friend or via social media.

From past experience of visiting trade shows etc., I don’t think I have ever discovered and ended up working with one of these brands


From EJDER’s perspective which is a lot more street and aggressive we have a desire to discover and curate. We develop personal relationships with brands and that starts at the discovery stage.

I understand that there could be an argument to suggest such a platform would support that so ultimately I would need to see the final product and would definitely try and make time to do so as we always try and maintain an open mind.

3. Do you think a service like this could impact the culture, allowing for younger designers to flourish and showcase their work?

In theory of course, but the challenge arises when practically trying to implement such an idea.

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