Mannase will provide independent designers with informative content that is relevant to their working life as designers, stylists and creatives. We sat down with Liza Ostanina a multi disciplinary who has a portfolio of work which embodies creativity and passion. Having created her foundation through styling her impressive portfolio includes writing for Vogue Russia and curating e-commerce for KM20. We got to know Liza Ostanina a little more this week on Mannase.



1. Did you have a interest for any creative areas when you were a child? or was it an area you later discovered?


When I was a kid I began to draw and make clothes for my dolls and later for myself as well. I was obsessed with fashion form when I was a kid, and I was dreaming to work as a designer and when I was like 12 I only saw myself as a fashion editor in Vogue. I was into hip-hop from when I first saw Pharrell’s video on MTV and that shaped my style forever.


2. What was it about Vogue that made you want to be a fashion editor?


In 2000’s the top of fashion career was getting into Vogue. I never really wanted to be a designer, so I was much more into writing/styling. I began really early, worked hard from when I was 17 and got a dream internship in Vogue at 19. It’s all about the right energy and the way you’re seeing things.


3. Pharell’s influencer has been phenomenal in fashion, do you think you take elements of his style and use it in your own work at times?


Pharrell was an icon for me in terms of style and music, Fly or Die is still one of my favourite albums of all times. He was the one who mixed Bape with Designer, he was the first rapper to do a clothing line that is MORE then his name. And he’s still on top! I guess I’m still making some girls look like N.E.R.D. video vixens on set sometimes.


4. As a stylist do you feel that there is pressure to go out and find the next best designer?


As a stylist I always wanted to bring something fresh both in the editorials and my own looks. After doing blogging I’ve understood that it’s rarely about the label but more about your attitude and how you mix pieces. I’m not that obsessed with logos but love to look different rather then the current fashions obsession to own the same key pieces.


5. What trends are you feeling at the moment ?


I don’t believe in trends. My look was crazy faux fur coat and big black boots that I mixed with streetwear – I dress the same as when I was 14 plus adding designer. I believe in yourself being an icon and making your look significant.


6. How would you describe your personal style?


I’m very much into streetwear because I love hip-hop more then anything in life, but I still like to wear some menswear with feminine pieces. I’d wear red dress with matching Jordans or giant hoodie with high heels – that’s me.


7. Do you feel it’s important as a stylist to work within different mediums, such as music videos and editorials to show diversity or do you think someone could succeed in one format?


I am obsessed with working in different mediums that’s why I switched from writing to styling and to filmmaking lately. I am in love with the music industry (maybe even more then fashion at some point) and I would love to do as much as I can during the lifetime. As a stylist I really enjoy working with the artists for music videos as well as doing editorials for the magazines.


8. Hypothetically if a client asked for a specific style of clothing, would you accommodate that or try to add your own spin to allow for a collaboration?


I might be putting too much of myself in my styling work lately and not everyone loves it. But at the same time if you hire me you gotta trust me. I’m always trying to find a balance but if that’s a creative shoot most of the times models end up dressed like I would.


Thank you for sitting down with us and discussing your profession. Follow Liza on Instagram and check out some of her work on the slideshow.

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