Mannase Meets is a interview series where we meet different industry led creatives and explore their profession. We sat down with the Art Director and Stylist, Jay Hines to learn a little more about himself and his profession.


1.Tell me about yourself and your career so far, how did you become a fashion stylist?


Well I’m A 22-year-old Art Director and Fashion Stylist based in London. I come from a visual arts & dance background. I studied classical and contemporary dance for eight years and also performance and arts history for 5 years. I’ve always had quite a creative & visual mind . I fell into fashion by accident really. I posted pictures of outfits on Instagram in a casual way, and people thought I was a stylist and I never knew what that was. Then I did a bit of research and I slowly just fell into it.

I mean I am still quite new to the industry with only freelancing for a year since graduating. So far as a career it hasn’t been too bad working with brands and companies such as Burberry, Selfridge’s, Matches fashion, Vouge Mexico, Vogue Italia, Lofficiel & others. It has really given me an insight into the direction I want to go with my work and also the aesthetic and style I have created.


2. Did you study styling in an academic sense ? Do you think having an academic background gives you an advantage as a stylist?


No I didn’t study styling I studied Visual Arts and Classical Contemporary dance. So I had absolutely no idea about fashion other than stuff that I thought was cool.

I mean my personal opinion is that in fashion, stylists are divided into two categories. That’s fashion stylist then there is creatives. The fashion stylists are amazing at putting looks together for celebrities, friends, themselves or anything overall.

The creatives are great in using clothes that you may have and never would have thought could go together and moulding them in a way where it is relatable and understandable. They use clothes to create a narrative almost in a film like manner.

I mean personally I’ve always said anybody can dress anybody. But it takes a creative to put clothes on somebody and make it thought-provoking.


3. What trends are you feeling at the moment ? Are there any trends that need to die?


I don’t do you trends. I feel trends are for suckers. Just because once the train dies what happens you follow the next trend. I mean JAY- Z said it; “ would you rather be a trend or Ralph Lauren”

Like would you rather be here for now or forever. I think everybody would want to leave a legacy like Alexander McQueen.


4. How would you describe your personal style?


I mean it can change, depends on my mood the weather and other shit. I like the colour black and I love leather. So yeah probs would say that.


5. What is your favourite type of event to style celebrities and clients for? It seems a lot of stylists love award show briefs because they gain the most press. Is this the same for you?


Yeah I love award shows and especially when you know your client is either presenting or giving a award away or even winning. Makes it that much special. Plus on the day you can get pissed as well.


6. At Mannase we focus on showcasing the best independent brands globally? Do your clients always demand designer brands or are you able to convince them to try a brand they have never heard of before?


I mean they’re always loving the higher end brands, but they love to try new brands by up-and-coming designers or even young designers.


7. Finally, for some fun – please select your three favourite items from Mannase (they don’t have to be for you they could be for someone else?) and describe what type of day/event or mood the item would be perfect for.


I’m loving the bully Baxter black trousers, The Cole Buxton Black Hat & to finish it off the Bully Baxter black parker.

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