Who are they?

Before Karl Lagerfeld became a legendary character in the Fashion industry, and before Marc Jacobs had become the well known Louis Vuitton’s creative director, everything was much more straightforward, they think, they design, and they deliver. Individual designers are those with the creative minds, the professional skill in tailoring, and the incredible passion of what they believe would be better. Whether these designers just graduated from Parsons or just self-learned everything, whether it’s a start up a brand or the best selling brand, individual designers sublimates their soul into their collections, to reveal their ideology.


the facts:

Most individual designers left the industry because of the intense competition. Some changed their career because of the difficulty in creating a Brand by themselves.
And Some are fighting for Copyrights and worrying about promotions, but still sailing their way into the industry.

most of these designs are good, some are perfect, and several will blow your mind!

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Challenges along the road:

When a creative mind is born, it is like a baby, beautiful but also friable. It would need the love of the parents and the protection of the environment. For a designer to deliver their fair piece of the collection, many steps of the process are needed. When I first interviewed a creative designer about how he started his brand which now has more than 4 collections since 2017 and is stocked in 30 individual buyer stores, said he began by inviting people for lunch.
“it is not easy when you start, you run with all these designed drafts and comparing this manufactory with the other, you get messed up really quick. ” he said, “we all know what to do, and how to do it, its the process that will ruin your day.”. I think the hind is the high material cost, the manufactory cost, the delivery cost, and the most critical part, marketing and promotions. During the process, delays on time, modifications back and forwards, and even jerry-build on materials. all these will bring pressure onto the designer and eventually they might forget about their designs and work on these.

last but not the least, copyrights  



Individual designers are working really hard to deliver their collections to the world, they spent all there days and nights, shooting editorials, making films, styling, runways and even just thinking about what’s next. Some challenges are all industry challenges, which only the strongest can survive, but others are industry challenges, such as copyrights and Ethical problems, and the solution to all problems in the Fashion industry is the attention and the intensity to make it better.

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