Mannase will provide independent designers with informative content that is relevant to their working life as designers. We sat down with Hussein Suleiman co-founder of Daily Paper a brand at the forefront of streetwear and fashion in Amsterdam that started out as simply a lifestyle blog.

Founded in 2010, Daily Paper is an Amsterdam based menswear label. Inspired by the founder’s own African heritage and passion for contemporary fashion an alternative path has been found, turning Daily Paper into a well-respected creator of authentic ready-to-wear garments. The menswear label is known for being affected by different African cultures incorporating these influences into modern design with a unique rugged character.

Daily Paper’s focus lies in the design of men’s fashion apparel that considers authenticity, with an emphasis on tailoring and an eclectic use of materials. The products are made to compliment the consumer’s passion for individuality and personal style. Devoted to quality garments, fine detailing, culture and overall great designs, Daily Paper stays true to their unique brand aesthetic.


1.Firstly, congratulations on your expansion into Rotterdam! Do you plan to continue to conquer the Netherlands geographically?

Thank you. I am a big fan of retail and unlike many I still strongly believe in the importance of physical stores. We are strongest in our home market and even though Paris or London sounds very good, we still feel we have a lot of ground to conquer in the Netherlands. I therefore expect our 3rd store to also be in the Netherlands.


2.Mannase aims to provide useful advice to emerging brands and designers through its interviews. What is your opinion on using professional models as a start up brand – is the cost as essential investment or should a brand wait until they are making sufficient revenue?

As a startup brand I would suggest to save as much as possible on whatever you can except for the quality of the product. Paying high priced models can wait. Scout models yourself on the streets or use models that are just starting out and are working on building their portfolio.


3.How has Amsterdam influenced Daily Paper Clothing? For example, has daily paper tried to design and create clothes to suit the weather and terrain of Amsterdam and The Netherlands?

Daily Paper is a reflection of its founders. And the Netherlands is still our biggest market. We just made a collection consisting out of water repellent garments. We would’ve probably not made that had we lived in California.


4.If you were to advise a start up brand on the three most important areas to spend money what would they be?

Production – Good products are the core.

Look Book – Make sure the vision of design is translated in the best manner as possible.

Trade shows – As a start up label it can be difficult to travel or book appointments with stores from all over the world. Attending and showcasing at Trade shows can help with laying contacts with press and buyers.

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