Our brand spotlight series will focus on brands that we feel not only push design but also are environmentally friendly, economical and of course something we sell. For this week our spotlight will be on Escuyer. The name Escuyer comes from ‘Esquire in old french. As in the Middle Ages the squire was there to help the knight, today the brand Escuyer is there to help men by offering them quality essentials and more free time. Escuyer provides consumers with affordable luxury accessories for everyday wear. Escuyer’s basics are simple, elegant and functional.

So you may be wondering, why did Mannase pick Escuyer. Well it’s simple their basics are made of the finest cotton, which makes them very soft and comfortable. Perfect for the guy who appreciates the mix of a quiet, clean aesthetic and top quality. Escuyer is designed in Brussels. They handpick the best quality cotton from South America and produce the accessories at a great family-owned factory in Portugal. What’s not to love? It already sounds good!

Did we also mention that Escuyer’s brand identity was selected as one of the best brand identities of 2014 by the London Design Museum. As its name suggests, Escuyer is dedicated to serve and facilitate the life of the busy working & entrepreneurial man. Modern Practice has created a visual solution based on the heraldic system. This typographic reinterpretation of heraldry is not only strongly linked to Escuyer brand’s name, but also conveys the brand’s world.
While the “typographic heraldry” stands for Escuyer’s refinement, its multiple variations translate the flexibility and adaptability of the brand towards its customers. Escuyer and Modern Practice have been nominated for “Designs of the Year 2014” (Graphics’ category) by the Design Museum in London.

I hope we got you sold but let’s say you’re not convinced. Check out the video below that explains the factory process.


Check out Escuyer here


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