1) Congratulations on your recently released Fall 2018 RTW collection in Paris ! Talk to us about the art direction for the Paris show itself, did you enjoy presenting in the Palais de Tokyo contemporary art museum? 

Presenting in Palais de Tokyo, on Paris Fashion Week was a great honor for us, especially because the brand is very new. With the presentation, we wanted to forefront the vision of young creative force of Georgia who do not identify themselves as Soviet country anymore.

Georgia often falls under the label of post-Soviet culture, so with this presentation we wanted to show that culture of the country is way much deeper than an usual label.

Protest painting of Giorgi Geladze was presented during the presentation, which represents the current social activism in the country. Gender-bending Qajar portraits of Salome Jokhadze were underlining that the country has a rich history of being on the crossroads of Europe and Asia and has influence of Middle Eastern culture, that in many cases, even Georgians tend to neglect. The presentation was great, we also invited our friend Nicolas Maxim Endlicher aka, MCMLXXXV from Herrensauna, Berlin to collaborate with us and play on the presentation. In total, it was amazing experience. We are looking forward to present in Paris again!  

2) What stands out to us most from all Situationist collections is the exceptional detail and precision in the garment tailoring. Do you still do the tailoring, cutting, pattern making and sewing yourself? How hard is it emotionally for meticulous designers to even consider outsourcing something as important as the pattern making.

Thank you! We indeed always focus on details; we are trying to use existing forms in a new manner and we are constantly questioning and looking for the new ways of doing patterns. I am personally working on patterns, tailoring and I am myself very interested in cut making. We have a small team of tailors and sewers in our studio in Tbilisi. Some of the patters and cuts that enrich Aw18-19 collection is a merit of our exceptionally skilled cutmaker, Guara Markarova. Outsourcing pattern making is indeed not easy, we, ourselves are in the process of learning how to establish our niche on the international market. It could be emotionally challenging, but everyone in the team, including me accepts and embraces this challenge positively.


3) There is a considerable amount of attention on Georgian fashion at the moment especially with MBFW Tbilisi entering it’s 6th season. How has all this attention been received by Georgian designers? 

Well, I think there are different factors that contributed in it. MBFW Tbilisi, raised the international interest towards Georgian designers. Simultaneously Factor of Demna Gvasalia as creative director of Balenciaga had raised interest towards country too. Attention is indeed stimulating us,  before, designers had to stay flexible for Georgian market, now self-expression has become easier, because now we have a certain degree of confidence, that in product is high quality and innovative, it will find its way on the international market.


Author Mannase Team

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